Domestic business cooperation - Dealers to join
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Domestic business cooperation - Dealers to join

Agency and distribution:

1. Have a sound local sales network or channel resources;

2. Having a good market reputation in the local market and a perfect distribution and after-sales service mechanism;

3. A natural person who can bear all kinds of economic and civil legal liabilities independently;

4. Having good personal reputation and economic strength in the local area, equipped with a professional sales team operating terminal system;

5. With brand awareness, I assisted the manufacturer to rapidly increase the market share through product promotion.

Project cooperation advantages:

1. Authorized exclusive operation of regional market channels and systems;

2. Assisted the agents to establish the distribution system in the authorized regional market;

3. Provide agents with product training, materials and market construction support;

4, the product implementation of the "three guarantees", there are quality problems, after verification, can be exchanged;

5. Continuously promote the theme promotion activities of key terminal systems.

Project operation advantages:

1. The company participates in marketing guidance, provides mature channel operation mode and terminal actual combat operation plan, and regularly sends specially-assigned personnel to assist in market promotion;

2. Comprehensive and perfect customer service, finance and logistics service system to guarantee the quality of your business;

3. lMZ TCM products can be widely used in various sales channels with unlimited business opportunities.

Agent distribution process:

1. Intention (confirm cooperation);

2. The regional manager of the factory contacted with customers, understood the detailed information of customers and channels, and gave feedback to the headquarters (distributor resource allocation, terminal/outlet information, competitive product sales data);

3. The provincial manager of the factory negotiated with the customer about the specific issues of cooperation (investment promotion manual, channel/product/share planning, price, distribution contract, market operation agreement);

4. Signing cooperation contracts;

5. Carry out market network coverage as planned, and enter the market in key systems (product market introduction);

6. Conducted product knowledge training for relevant salesmen/sales guides, and implemented terminal promotional activities;

7. Constantly correct the existing problems in the market operation, and bring the market to the normal development track.

Product investment policy:

1. Establish agents in provincial capitals and cities;

2. Set annual sales targets according to markets of different sizes;

3. Carry out the minimum purchase quantity and enjoy the unified discount of the national industry.

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